Thursday, July 28, 2011

The future of iPhone with solar panels

The future of the Apple and  iPhone could get quite interesting for the energy and the reduction of unnecessary charger. In fact, according to our reliable source whodiscovered that some mobile companies including Apple's going to have to think about a future with solar panels.You've got it right with the iPhone integrated solar panels that will allow it to charge your cellphone at any time and without gaining unnecessary enclosures with built-in battery. The news seems very strange but comes directly from Digitimes.

It seems that Apple is not alone thinking of integrating solar panels inside the iPhone but a company in Taiwan has already contacted an expert in this field. So Apple's plans do not stop and the possibility of having an iPhone to be integrated with solar panels for recharging the device.The only problem for these panels could be linked to their use as to create panels of this type are required longer design time. All this means that the chances of a panel on iPhone are not so remote but most likely it will be a long time.Apple has shown some interest in this area and has already shown that this would indeed be feasible. Mobile devices of the future will be feature-rich, exclusive, can be recharged in any situation and does not require great accessories to match. In 2009, Apple had demonstrated the real intentions for solar panels, now we just have to see what happens.

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