Monday, July 11, 2011

New game for iPhone:Guardians The Last Day of the Citadel

This game will be certainly make history in the world of games for iPhone, we're talking about the Guardians: "The Last Day Of The Citadel." A game developed for iPhone and iPad, if you love fantasy style games This application is made for you.

Currently there is no confirmation date of issue, but it will be within a few days. The news we give it to you because the game has been approved by Apple and according to our information will be released in the App Store on July 13.The player will have the opportunity to play as a woman warrior named Loreena which at first glance looks like a normal woman but in reality is the captain of the Royal Guard of the Citadel. This ancient fortress was originally built to address the threat of the demon legions Vash, Loreena will be forced to leave for an epic journey.

The path is full of risks, you should be able to hit enemies with the weapons at your disposal, to fight in duels and cast spells. The main scenario of medieval history is a fantastic island, where there will be a forest full of giant insects, Aztec temples, and troops ready to kill the undead.

Stunning 3D graphics through different scenarios with the graphic quality that only a console can offer. The story is very engaging, like the soundtrack I mean this is an epic game that will make you fall in love. For more info: visit the official The Last Day Of The Citadel.

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