Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IPhone and IPad for Developers

As we have always said, iPhone iPad and Smartphone mobile phones are smart. There are applications on these phones that are also found in laptop computers. Thus, developers can develop programs to otherwise participate in trials.
For this, developers have licensed access to technical documentation, may use laboratories and earn hardware, technical assistance and certification logos.
The programs are developed and certified by the owners of trademarks or brands, programs must be emphasized to meet performance standards for manufacturers (eg Apple).
Developers are the technical specifications from which they leave because you have to follow a protocol so that the program and developed to interact with the devices to original manufacturing. Note that any program is tested to see their compatibility

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iTunes 10.3 beta available for download (available Updt 10.3.1)

A new beta version, now received stamp 10.3.1, has already made ​​its appearance.

In the wake of yesterday's announcements, Apple has posted the beta version of iTunes 10.3.
This new version allows access to some unveiled during the keynote, including automatic

download on your equipment or the ability to download purchases (music, applications, ...) carried out previously.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

iphone : the most popular camera on Flickr

For several months, smartphones are gradually becoming in our daily lives. In addition to their telephony  and Internet functions these "smart phones"are also increasingly used as a camera. Flickr site statistics show that the iPhone4 device  is now the most popular site for sharing photos.

The text of the  Apple now higher than the Nikon D90 or the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Apple iphone image quality clearly improved on the recent models, smartphones have best choice compared to compact or even SLR, they are always in hand and ready to capture an unexpected event and scenes.Smartphones can now  the perfect companion for many including enlightened photographers,. Under these conditions no wonder that the iPhone is now the most popular  camera's phone in Flickr The Apple company also earn four in the five top spots in the mobile phones category.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Iphone Multitask

With iPhone, it is possible to use multiple applications from one to another instantly without hindering the performance of the application used in the foreground or unnecessarily deplete the battery. It is the role of the user interface of iPhone multitasking.
In fact, multitasking user interface allows to quickly switch between applications running simultaneously. To do this, simply double-click the Home button to display recently used applications. You can scroll through and reopen each of these applications without having to wait for another load.
If you are on a task that takes time, like downloading pictures, you can switch to another application without having to interrupt what you ran in parallel.
With a kind of memory, apps remember where you left off (which is why we call these kinds of phones "smart phone"), which lets you resume directly to what you had initiated (read, play, research ...).
iPhone 4 you can even receive Skype calls or VoIP while other apps running, or talking time of a call while moving to another task (reading mail for example).
Other apps like GPS can keep running in the background, like you can receive alerts and messages without opening the app that sends the notification.
With iPhone, smart phone, no need to wait and do nothing, you're multitasking!

iOS 5 : new notification system and widgets

In a week WWDC 2011 will open its doors. The occasion is likely for Apple to unveil its new products. Among them iOS 5, the new version of its mobile operating system  is the favorite. Meanwhile rumors continue to multiply.
According to our colleagues iOS 5 will be come with many changes. The notification system would be reviewed in depth and widgets would be introduced. Unfortunately we have not extend further on any details. It will have to wait another few days to discover iOS 5 and its novelties.However according to our colleagues there is no doubt that the  Apple does not unveil new hardware at this WWDC. The ads will therefore focus only on software