Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scary iphone games : requiem on iPhone if you love games full of suspense

Have you ever to play a game for your iPhone which has given the full feelings of suspense? If you have not yet found a game like this we invite you to try Requiem. In this game infact you will be chased by something really big that will try to do everything to kill you, you do not know where you are, where to go and what to do. In short Requiem was made to look very scary adventure,the game mechanics are simple and innovative to escape from the monster you should try to jump climb crawl and be able to avoid every kind of obstacle.

In this unique way, you will be able to survive and find the escape route before it is too late. Requiem is a game where the main objective is to run screaming from something that pursues you why not to try this fully adventure game today ? Please note that Requiem is available in the App Store at a great price served at least for this first launch period the graphics you'll find yourself with is very realistic and designed in cartoon style. We also want to remind you that everything has been optimized for retinal display iPhone 4 and what about the integrated 3D modeling?

A game very interesting original and really to try during these summer holidays. iPhone becomes a console for all purposes, shall we? Are you ready?

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