Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apple has won the challenge against HTC

It seems that HTC is not strong as it believed,in fact after the loss of value of corporate actions and the risk of halting sales in the U.S now comes the final defeat by Apple. Well the bitten apple is the company has managed to win the comparison with HTC. as we all know HTC had been indicted for using two patents owned by Apple.Now the Chinese people are preparing to migrate to Windows Phone and HTC lose a large chunk of sales in the telephone industry. We're talking about two patents used unfairly by HTC and covering some of the detail and custom features integrated into Android, and of course these patents have been used in the HTC smartphone  especially in China.

A great fraud against Apple ... maybe the competition is so fierce that no one can get the same sales of Apple Because they get to steal a project and integrate it within the company products?
Sooner or later such an action had to be discovered.And to think that this brand was coveted in the telephone industry and was considered high quality company ... why this level has decided to "copy" ideas from Apple?
Now many Chinese manufacturers are thinking of abandoning the Android platform Phone to switch to Windows. Motivation is very smart avoid the most of the lawsuits against Apple. What do you think? Did you expect such a move by HTC?
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