Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scary iphone games : requiem on iPhone if you love games full of suspense

Have you ever to play a game for your iPhone which has given the full feelings of suspense? If you have not yet found a game like this we invite you to try Requiem. In this game infact you will be chased by something really big that will try to do everything to kill you, you do not know where you are, where to go and what to do. In short Requiem was made to look very scary adventure,the game mechanics are simple and innovative to escape from the monster you should try to jump climb crawl and be able to avoid every kind of obstacle.

In this unique way, you will be able to survive and find the escape route before it is too late. Requiem is a game where the main objective is to run screaming from something that pursues you why not to try this fully adventure game today ? Please note that Requiem is available in the App Store at a great price served at least for this first launch period the graphics you'll find yourself with is very realistic and designed in cartoon style. We also want to remind you that everything has been optimized for retinal display iPhone 4 and what about the integrated 3D modeling?

A game very interesting original and really to try during these summer holidays. iPhone becomes a console for all purposes, shall we? Are you ready?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The future of iPhone with solar panels

The future of the Apple and  iPhone could get quite interesting for the energy and the reduction of unnecessary charger. In fact, according to our reliable source whodiscovered that some mobile companies including Apple's going to have to think about a future with solar panels.You've got it right with the iPhone integrated solar panels that will allow it to charge your cellphone at any time and without gaining unnecessary enclosures with built-in battery. The news seems very strange but comes directly from Digitimes.

It seems that Apple is not alone thinking of integrating solar panels inside the iPhone but a company in Taiwan has already contacted an expert in this field. So Apple's plans do not stop and the possibility of having an iPhone to be integrated with solar panels for recharging the device.The only problem for these panels could be linked to their use as to create panels of this type are required longer design time. All this means that the chances of a panel on iPhone are not so remote but most likely it will be a long time.Apple has shown some interest in this area and has already shown that this would indeed be feasible. Mobile devices of the future will be feature-rich, exclusive, can be recharged in any situation and does not require great accessories to match. In 2009, Apple had demonstrated the real intentions for solar panels, now we just have to see what happens.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Iphone Game:The best games for the holidays

It 'time to think about the holiday,when all companies are closing down and take a well deserved holiday. For this reason we thought to write an article that will allow you to entertain you even under the umbrella with your iPhone.Inside of the App Store has several titles that will bring out the best in entertainment. Today we decided to write about the some best iphone games.

The first is Tiny Tower, a game that for some of you will become a drug. Able to build as soon as possible to your tower?Those who prefer action games, you should definitely try Gun Bros, this is a classic double-stick shoot that will offer you the ability to customize to your needs and where the main character will be able to expel the enemies of the moment and have fun with the multiplayer mode.

For lovers of Ascension cards here, offers an interesting and fast gameplay and not at all complicated. Fun multiplayer mode that will allows you to get the most challenging of the biggest players in the world.Best car racing? Here is a casual driving game: Reckless Getaway, this is a title from the fun gameplay where your only goal is to sow destruction around American highways create accidents, destroy police cars and executed.

What do you think about these games?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apple has won the challenge against HTC

It seems that HTC is not strong as it believed,in fact after the loss of value of corporate actions and the risk of halting sales in the U.S now comes the final defeat by Apple. Well the bitten apple is the company has managed to win the comparison with HTC. as we all know HTC had been indicted for using two patents owned by Apple.Now the Chinese people are preparing to migrate to Windows Phone and HTC lose a large chunk of sales in the telephone industry. We're talking about two patents used unfairly by HTC and covering some of the detail and custom features integrated into Android, and of course these patents have been used in the HTC smartphone  especially in China.

A great fraud against Apple ... maybe the competition is so fierce that no one can get the same sales of Apple Because they get to steal a project and integrate it within the company products?
Sooner or later such an action had to be discovered.And to think that this brand was coveted in the telephone industry and was considered high quality company ... why this level has decided to "copy" ideas from Apple?
Now many Chinese manufacturers are thinking of abandoning the Android platform Phone to switch to Windows. Motivation is very smart avoid the most of the lawsuits against Apple. What do you think? Did you expect such a move by HTC?
feel free to comments.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Apple testing processor-A6

This news Comes from an authoritative source that certifies an important update by Apple,the company has begun to officially start a test production of some A6 processors for future Apple devices.
This news confirms Apple's desire to never stop and always able to find a job and a popularity that will allow Apple to continues  improve from time to time. For now the only manufacturer of processors A6 is TSMC, will this company to make chips for Apple?

Some sources will most likely already have the official confirmation and the green seems to have been started. The news that Apple is already testing new processors generation ago definitely be pleased, especially since it takes place before the launch of the fifth generation iPhone and iPod . The appearance of even more innovative Samsung concerns, as you know it has developed the chip A5, currently integrated in the iPad 2.According to our information this processor may also be present in the iPhone fifth-generation product that should see the "light" of the trade from next September. The processor will most likely be used instead of A6 in the edition of the third generation of iPad and if not, the company may have chosen the idea of creating a iPad HD. Maybe this will be the news that Apple is hiding to the world untill september? We just have to wait for new information.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Iphone GPS App : Would you like to be located at any place?

Its now officially launched on the Apple Store, a new iphone application that will allow you to be located anywhere. The name of this program is Location Tracker a service that will bring real-time location on iphone GPS.With the help of this application user will be able to get the optimized details of the  exact location where he is,Location Tracker works around the world and at any time,

You can view the location of three types of map, from standard up to the satellite and hybrid. Trackers location directly on the map also shows all movements in real time without even a minute late,these details can be copied to the clipboard
The program is available on the App Store at the price of 0.79 euros

Monday, July 11, 2011

New game for iPhone:Guardians The Last Day of the Citadel

This game will be certainly make history in the world of games for iPhone, we're talking about the Guardians: "The Last Day Of The Citadel." A game developed for iPhone and iPad, if you love fantasy style games This application is made for you.

Currently there is no confirmation date of issue, but it will be within a few days. The news we give it to you because the game has been approved by Apple and according to our information will be released in the App Store on July 13.The player will have the opportunity to play as a woman warrior named Loreena which at first glance looks like a normal woman but in reality is the captain of the Royal Guard of the Citadel. This ancient fortress was originally built to address the threat of the demon legions Vash, Loreena will be forced to leave for an epic journey.

The path is full of risks, you should be able to hit enemies with the weapons at your disposal, to fight in duels and cast spells. The main scenario of medieval history is a fantastic island, where there will be a forest full of giant insects, Aztec temples, and troops ready to kill the undead.

Stunning 3D graphics through different scenarios with the graphic quality that only a console can offer. The story is very engaging, like the soundtrack I mean this is an epic game that will make you fall in love. For more info: visit the official The Last Day Of The Citadel.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Useful iphone apps: Waking up according to your mood: Mood'O Clock

Would you like to be woken up in the mood? It seems impossible right? Yet it is possible with the technology proposed by the Apple. Have you ever heard of an alarm clock that will try to wake up in the mood? yeah its possible with Mood'O Clock.With the help of this handy tool you can choose the music with emotion when waking up in the morning to go to work or to school.would you like to wake up peacefully? Or want to start the day with a nice burst of laughter?

Mood O Clock is an alarm clock that allows you to set everything according to your state of mind ... are you ready to change your alarm clock?For example, choosing StereoMood functionality, you will have the web radio at your disposal and from there you can choose the soundtrack based on your mood or activities that await you. All people have different habits to wake up.Before going to bed choose alarm according to your mood following choices are available: happy, dreamy, melancholy, untroubled, sexy, funny, calm, crazy, energetic, angry.What do you think? For more information, please visit the official page of O Clock Mood available on the App Store, the application price is 0.79 euros. What do you think? Are you ready to set multiple alarms, and more repetitions every day?
 This application will make you wake up less chaotic, why not try and tell us what you think?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Most Useful Iphone Apps:The management of a dental practice with iMedical Dental

there is two very interesting applications for the iPhone dedicated doctors and dentists who will help these professionals better manage the studio. Obviously it is not very low cost applications which are dedicated to specialists, enhance professional are available at a cost of 90 euros on the App Store.

Using iMedical Office (for doctors) and iMedical Dental Office (for dentists), you can share your custom data using iTunes and have all the information about your patients quickly and easily. Managing laboratory visits,appointments,treatments and cures easily

These applications have been created specifically to give you the ability to handle everything in a simple and fast. For example, you can organize care plans through the folders, attach and share pictures, create and print documents. You have the ability to view all the work you do every day and patients to visit in a very short time,and reminder always available in PDF format to transport data on your Mac.

What do you wish for more of an application so innovative? IMedical Office applications are definitely a great investment, but it's worth it, because you'll have at your disposal capabilities and interface features that really will not let you miss a patient. Please note that for the proper functioning, iMedical Office requires an Internet connection

Monday, July 4, 2011

Iphone game review : Able to be fast? Challenge the time Hipster City Cycle

Love original games that allow you to amuse a little after a long day at work? Today we want to introduce you to a game where you ride a lot and play against the speed to be able to achieve the highest level.

Do you like cycling? Now you can do it on Hipster City Cycle, an application that will see players in the shoes of a cyclist with no money who have to travel different roads packed with cars and avoid to obstacles. Not only that, you'll also be able to make fun of the passers.

Cycle City hipster will make you die laughing, because the graphic style is very original and proposed that people will see will be worthy of a comic film. To be able to get the most, you have to repeatedly tap the screen to increase the speed she ride, tilting the iPhone will be able to move and impress pedestrians.
Obviously every single success will earn you money, this money will be used to buy new parts on your bike and meet new secret areas of the game. What do you think?

The game is very realistic you will have fun. Hipster City Cycle is available on the App Store. A must for lovers of retro games.
Do not wait to try it and say what do you think? This is a game truly stunned and original.
What do you think? Ready to ride?

Hipster Cycle City awaits!

The iPhone has changed the lives of many people

There are many celebrities who have one thing in common:the iPhone.In fact it may seem
strange but the iPhone has changed the lives of many famous people, for better or for worse
of course. After 4 years Apple iPhone on the telephone market, this smartphone has
radically changed the lives of many people.
It seems that some people including players use it to listen to music to play more and more
to stay in touch with loved ones used to read sports sites, maps and looking to connect on

For other applications are preferred Instagram programs, daily horoscope and Notes for a
notebook in your pocket. iPhone continues to be the  most loved and hated device, iphone
games are accused of stealing a lot of time but it is really impossible without it.
In short Apple iPhone has become the device that you continue to talk about good and evil,
a great tool to approach the world of photography and sharing online. There is always
application at the right time that allows you to do anything, what to wish for more?
What do you think of the Apple phenomenon? You also can not do without your iPhone? In
short, as it has changed your life? We welcome your comments on this, Apple is your myth?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

using iphone camera tips Making the most of iPhone camera

Have you ever wondered how you can make the most of the iPhone camera? There are lots of Apple customers who want to be able to record video at a quality resolution level than expected, but the iPhone can really deliver all this?

The iPhone 4 model certainly can not be compared to classic cameras and camcorders available on the market today, as most models offer professional features. Yet with a few tricks you can achieve successful results that will allow you to create videos of good quality.

The first thing is to use a tripod that will minimize the fluctuations to a minimum. In the market there are some interesting tripod that will allow you to get the highest quality.

for getting that perfect shot is that of enlightenment according to the expert Would require the use of reflective umbrella with lots of reflectors, it is not expensive equipment on ebay because there are some really cheap prices.

What do you think of these tips? Do you see a really good or they may irritate people who have spent their salary for iPhone and are disappointed by the quality of video recording?

Fun Iphone Games : Creation of customized cars on iPhone

Would you like to find an application that allows you to create the car of your dreams?

Obviously it will be only a digital version but will allow you to get the most out of your


There are many applications for the iPhone dedicated to cars races and races, but this one

is a diffrent idea. This is a game that offers the possibility to create a perfect car for

our dreams and the choice is enclosed in 80 pieces, not just right? Why not stop once on

the body, color, decorations and other details that complement are useless?

If you do not want to play the usual game machines, but you are looking for a tool that

allows you to assemble all the pieces of a possible car of the future without having to

treat you win a race, or more? Car Creator then the game just for you. Here you can choose

from categories including:

• Body
• Tires
• Exhaust
• Ali
• Bumpers
• Color
• Stickers
• Decorations to add to the roof

There is not need to say that many combinations available to you and finally you can even

pull out to see your creation in a commercial, where your car will be the only protagonist.

But be careful to be able to accumulate enough money, your goal will be to whiz in your

creation of three different tracks.

What do you think? Car Creator is available on the App Store for free and is not the usual

game machines.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IPhone and IPad for Developers

As we have always said, iPhone iPad and Smartphone mobile phones are smart. There are applications on these phones that are also found in laptop computers. Thus, developers can develop programs to otherwise participate in trials.
For this, developers have licensed access to technical documentation, may use laboratories and earn hardware, technical assistance and certification logos.
The programs are developed and certified by the owners of trademarks or brands, programs must be emphasized to meet performance standards for manufacturers (eg Apple).
Developers are the technical specifications from which they leave because you have to follow a protocol so that the program and developed to interact with the devices to original manufacturing. Note that any program is tested to see their compatibility

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iTunes 10.3 beta available for download (available Updt 10.3.1)

A new beta version, now received stamp 10.3.1, has already made ​​its appearance.

In the wake of yesterday's announcements, Apple has posted the beta version of iTunes 10.3.
This new version allows access to some unveiled during the keynote, including automatic

download on your equipment or the ability to download purchases (music, applications, ...) carried out previously.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

iphone : the most popular camera on Flickr

For several months, smartphones are gradually becoming in our daily lives. In addition to their telephony  and Internet functions these "smart phones"are also increasingly used as a camera. Flickr site statistics show that the iPhone4 device  is now the most popular site for sharing photos.

The text of the  Apple now higher than the Nikon D90 or the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Apple iphone image quality clearly improved on the recent models, smartphones have best choice compared to compact or even SLR, they are always in hand and ready to capture an unexpected event and scenes.Smartphones can now  the perfect companion for many including enlightened photographers,. Under these conditions no wonder that the iPhone is now the most popular  camera's phone in Flickr The Apple company also earn four in the five top spots in the mobile phones category.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Iphone Multitask

With iPhone, it is possible to use multiple applications from one to another instantly without hindering the performance of the application used in the foreground or unnecessarily deplete the battery. It is the role of the user interface of iPhone multitasking.
In fact, multitasking user interface allows to quickly switch between applications running simultaneously. To do this, simply double-click the Home button to display recently used applications. You can scroll through and reopen each of these applications without having to wait for another load.
If you are on a task that takes time, like downloading pictures, you can switch to another application without having to interrupt what you ran in parallel.
With a kind of memory, apps remember where you left off (which is why we call these kinds of phones "smart phone"), which lets you resume directly to what you had initiated (read, play, research ...).
iPhone 4 you can even receive Skype calls or VoIP while other apps running, or talking time of a call while moving to another task (reading mail for example).
Other apps like GPS can keep running in the background, like you can receive alerts and messages without opening the app that sends the notification.
With iPhone, smart phone, no need to wait and do nothing, you're multitasking!

iOS 5 : new notification system and widgets

In a week WWDC 2011 will open its doors. The occasion is likely for Apple to unveil its new products. Among them iOS 5, the new version of its mobile operating system  is the favorite. Meanwhile rumors continue to multiply.
According to our colleagues iOS 5 will be come with many changes. The notification system would be reviewed in depth and widgets would be introduced. Unfortunately we have not extend further on any details. It will have to wait another few days to discover iOS 5 and its novelties.However according to our colleagues there is no doubt that the  Apple does not unveil new hardware at this WWDC. The ads will therefore focus only on software